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(TBM) A good day for exhibitors and visitors (300 word story)

A beautiful boat at the event. Photo: Minh Nguyen

A beautiful boat at the event. Photo: Minh Nguyen

Hundreds of exhibitors, visitors and customers took part in the 21st annual Boat Show on Friday, May 23, a fine day with a blue sky and full of sunlight. For them, this day was exactly a good day.

This year’s Boat Show started in Gold Coast’s Sanctuary Cove a day before, on May 22, when there were strong winds and heavy rains. However, the general manager of the event, Mr Jensen, was confident of the success of this event.

Luckily, the weather was very beautiful in the following day. “What a good day! All participants are very happy with it,” said Howe, an exhibitor at the event. The man and his colleagues were very busy to welcome guests to visit their cruise.

The show draws the participation of more than 400 domestic and international exhibitors in the field of marine such as Cabo, Fasdeck, Predator, Le Volpi, Sun runner and others.

Exhibitors and producers hope that the event is a good chance for them to introduce and sell their products to local and foreign customers. According to the organization board, there are many international buyers and delegations taking part in the event.

A large number of boats and cruises with different sizes are displayed on the river around the Sanctuary Cove. Visitors and customers have opportunities to see and buy.

“All of them are very beautiful and expensive,” said Mark, a visitor from Sydney. Some small boat cost more than 100,000 AUD for each while large ones are worth more than 10 million AUD for each.

“I think, we will buy the bigger one,” a woman named Helen said to her husband. The middle-age couple from Victoria is looking for a boat worth round 300,000 AUD to buy.

During the fine day, other activities such as street entertainment, cooking performance with the participation of famous musicians, artists and chefs have launched.

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By Minh Nguyen

(TBM) Going around for life (300 word story)

Sarah at the Griffith University. Photo: Minh Nguyen

Sarah at the Griffith University. Photo: Minh Nguyen

For many journalists, travelling helps them enrich their experience, which is good for their writing. For the young, most travel for the joy of it. But for Sarah Cooke, a 23 year old girl on the Gold Coast, travelling can be for both: joy and writing.

Going around the world at the age of 19, Sarah is studying journalism at Griffith University. “I love reading stories in magazines,” said the slender girl with curly blonde hair.

However, travelling is her real hobby. Being born and growing up on the famous Australian tourism site, she loves travelling abroad alone. She does not know exactly the reasons why she likes touring around the world. May be she wants to be foreign like tourists she meets everyday in her hometown.

Indonesia was the first foreign country she visited. “I chose the country because the travelling price was very cheap,” she smiled. Sarah saved 2000 AUD for her first trip. “I saved the money myself during the time in school,” she said. She stayed with many exciting activities.

At this time, her parents were so worried about their 19 year old daughter, the only girl in the family of five children. “My mother called me everyday and I said it was ok”, she said.

After the first journey, she returned home and worked to afford the next trips. Some months later, she went to News Zealand. She stayed in the north of the country and visited some friends there. Then, she visited the Republic of Korea, England and Holland.

Each trip in each country gave her a good chance to experience new cultural identities and customs.

Now, Sarah has to delay her travelling hobbies for study. She likes stories on the media and hopes that once day she will herself produce them.

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By Minh Nguyen

US provides additional $3m for dioxin clean-up


US President Barack Obama has signed a bill to provide an additional US$3 million for environmental remediation of dioxin contamination and related healthcare activities in Vietnam, the US Embassy said in Hanoi on May 29.

This funding follows a US$ 3-million grant in 2007, which assisted projects on health care and mitigation of dioxin effects in Vietnam.

One-third of the US$ 6 million is reserved for healthcare activities, which are already underway, said the Embassy. The remaining is intended for environmental recovery activities, including assessment of environmental impact in coordination with the Vietnamese Government. The US will work with authorized Vietnamese agencies to hammer out environmentally sound

designs and plans to remove dioxin from soil and sediment in areas around the Danang Airport in central Vietnam, a hot spot during the Vietnam War.

Also under these grants, disabled people in Danang city will receive job training and placement, orthopedic surgeries and prosthetic facilities.  In addition, scholarships will be provided to disabled children.

Source: VOV

Compiled by Minh Nguyen

Photo show praises Vietnamese ao dai grace


The grace of ao dai (traditional long dress of Vietnamese women) shines at a show held by a Vietnamese photographer in Berlin, Germany.

The Sang, member of the Vietnamese Photographers’ Association in Germany, brings to his photo exhibition opening on May 13 more than 50 photos out of a collection he made during his tours of Hanoi, central Hue city, Ho Chi Minh City, and cities in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

The photos feature middle-aged Vietnamese women wearing traditional ao dai during their visits to pagodas, and young Vietnamese and foreign girls in innovated ao dai during festive days and beauty feasts.

The photo show will last until July 31.

Source: VOV

Australian wine, food whet city’s appetite


The Australian Wine and Food Show will come to Ho Chi Minh City this month, with a variety of wines and speciality foods being showcased, it was announced May 22.

One-hundred and fifty types of wines and various Australian specialties like beef, lamb, cheeses, oyster and other sea food will be served up between May 25 and 29.

Pre-shows will be held at various restaurants and hotels before the big event on May 29, including New World, Qing, Jaspa’s, ZanZBar, Hoa Tuc, Cepage, Xu, The Boat House and Sandals.

A set-lunch, including wine, will be available for VND250,000 (US$14) per person.

On May 26 and 27, the Parkview restaurant, New World Hotel, will serve four-course dinners at US$65 per person.

The highlight of the food show will take place from noon to 4pm on May 29 for businesspeople and noon to 4pm on May 30 for the public.

Tickets cost VND180,000 (US$10).

The show also features a gala dinner on May 29 at the New World hotel, prepared by guest chef Paul McMahon from Catalina Rose Bay restaurant in Sydney. He will prepare a menu with Tasmania salmon, moonfish caught from south of Australia, Blackmores Wagyu beef from Victoria state, and Chlamys Nobilis from Queensland.

During the gala dinner, the guests will be served with the winning wine from the Australian Wine Contest, which will be held on May 28 at the hotel also.

Tickets for the gala dinner are US$120 per person, or US$1,100 for a table of 10.

The second annual Australian Wine and Food Show is sponsored by the Australian Consulate, the Australian financial institution ANZ Bank, budget air carrier Jetstar, The Word magazine and the Australian marketing agency Red.

Source: VietnamNet