(TBM-5)People rush to Brisbane for Anzac Day (100 word story)


The Adelaide street in Brisbane city is crowed by people on Anzac Day. Photo: Minh Nguyen

Anzac Day, one of the most important national events for Australians, attracted numerous people in Brisbane and suburbs on April 25.

According to Brisbane’s authorities, about 50,000 people gathered in the city centre for the ceremony.

“There are so many people here today,” said Thomas Franklin, a local 80 year old man. He takes part in the event every year.

Main streets, the Anzac square and the Shrine of Remembrance were the most crowded places with floods of residents and foreign visitors.

“What a big event, it takes me and my friends much time to get here,” said Ann Maher, an old veteran from Gold Coast.

“I had to take the earliest bus and train to come here,” said Yeng, a foriegn visitor from China.

Many people believe that the next year’s event will be bigger.

Click clip for more photos on Anzac Day:


By Minh Nguyen


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