(TBM) A good day for exhibitors and visitors (300 word story)

A beautiful boat at the event. Photo: Minh Nguyen

A beautiful boat at the event. Photo: Minh Nguyen

Hundreds of exhibitors, visitors and customers took part in the 21st annual Boat Show on Friday, May 23, a fine day with a blue sky and full of sunlight. For them, this day was exactly a good day.

This year’s Boat Show started in Gold Coast’s Sanctuary Cove a day before, on May 22, when there were strong winds and heavy rains. However, the general manager of the event, Mr Jensen, was confident of the success of this event.

Luckily, the weather was very beautiful in the following day. “What a good day! All participants are very happy with it,” said Howe, an exhibitor at the event. The man and his colleagues were very busy to welcome guests to visit their cruise.

The show draws the participation of more than 400 domestic and international exhibitors in the field of marine such as Cabo, Fasdeck, Predator, Le Volpi, Sun runner and others.

Exhibitors and producers hope that the event is a good chance for them to introduce and sell their products to local and foreign customers. According to the organization board, there are many international buyers and delegations taking part in the event.

A large number of boats and cruises with different sizes are displayed on the river around the Sanctuary Cove. Visitors and customers have opportunities to see and buy.

“All of them are very beautiful and expensive,” said Mark, a visitor from Sydney. Some small boat cost more than 100,000 AUD for each while large ones are worth more than 10 million AUD for each.

“I think, we will buy the bigger one,” a woman named Helen said to her husband. The middle-age couple from Victoria is looking for a boat worth round 300,000 AUD to buy.

During the fine day, other activities such as street entertainment, cooking performance with the participation of famous musicians, artists and chefs have launched.

Click clip for more photos on the event

By Minh Nguyen


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