US provides additional $3m for dioxin clean-up


US President Barack Obama has signed a bill to provide an additional US$3 million for environmental remediation of dioxin contamination and related healthcare activities in Vietnam, the US Embassy said in Hanoi on May 29.

This funding follows a US$ 3-million grant in 2007, which assisted projects on health care and mitigation of dioxin effects in Vietnam.

One-third of the US$ 6 million is reserved for healthcare activities, which are already underway, said the Embassy. The remaining is intended for environmental recovery activities, including assessment of environmental impact in coordination with the Vietnamese Government. The US will work with authorized Vietnamese agencies to hammer out environmentally sound

designs and plans to remove dioxin from soil and sediment in areas around the Danang Airport in central Vietnam, a hot spot during the Vietnam War.

Also under these grants, disabled people in Danang city will receive job training and placement, orthopedic surgeries and prosthetic facilities.  In addition, scholarships will be provided to disabled children.

Source: VOV

Compiled by Minh Nguyen


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