(TBM-1)Can you live without the Internet? (100 word story)


The Internet becomes more and more important in our living. Photo: Minh Nguyen


There is no doubt that technology has changed our lives, especially for students on the Gold Coast campus that rely on the Internet not only for their study but also for their lives.

“I have access to the Internet everyday, I do not know how I can live without it,” said Anna.

Anna, who is studying a master degree in marketing, always surfs the web for news and her study.

Meanwhile, Phuong, a Vietnamese student, usually has access to the Internet to connect with her parents in the homeland.

“Sometimes, Internet helps me feel like at home with my parents,” said she. 

Thanks to the technology, most students in the campus also have their own websites or blogs.

To set up a free blog at wordpress, click here 

By Minh Nguyen



2 Responses

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