Worry about relatives at home

Love in the case of swine flu. Photo: Telegraph

Love in the case of swine flu. Photo: Telegraph

When the widespread outbreak of the swine flue happens in some countries in the world, many people, especially international students at the Griffith’s Gold Coast Campus are worried out their relatives in their hometown.

First cases of the disease, which were revealed in Mexico, makes students from the American country concerned about that.

“I was so worried about my parents and my sister in my country when I read news on the disease,” said Elia Bazan, a Mexican student, studying master degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at the campus.

Her family are living in Mexico city, where a lot of local people have been effected by the flu. Many of them died.

Like Elia, Yuen, a Chinese student, also has been anxious about her relatives in her country. “I don not know much about the flu but I think that it is dangerous as SARS,” she said.

SARS or bird flu is one of the worst diseases happening in China in 2003. A case of swine flu was confirmed in Hong Kong in early this month.

At present, the swine flu has been prevented and controlled in these contries. Both Elia and Yuen called their families and feel secure about them.

By Minh Nguyen



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