Traditional cultures promoted


The 7th cultural, sports and tourism festival of the Khmer ethnic group opened in Tri Ton district of the southern province of An Giang on April 11 to celebrate their traditional New Year – Chol Chnam Thmay.

The festival attracted a large number of artisans, artists and athletes from Khmer-inhabited districts such as Tri Ton, Tinh Bien and Thoai Son.

“I am happy to see that many Buddhist followers from the Kinh, Cham and Khmer ethnic groups are attending the event,” said monk Chau Son Hy, who presides over Sro-Ton pagoda. “I hope that the State will continue to maintain and develop the festival so that it is really significant to local people.”

Thousands of local people in the Bay Nui area came to support Khmer farmers playing football and volleyball. An exhibition featuring the Khmer’s daily life and traditional customs, culinary arts, dances and folk games were also held during the festival.

Compiled by Minh Nguyen from VOV( Voice of Vietnam)


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