Dad’s Not Alfie

Alfie used to believed to be the dad of the girl. Photo: The Sun

Alfie used to believed to be the dad of the girl. Photo: The Sun

A 14 year old boy name Tyler Barker was the real father of the baby that 13-year-old Alfie Patten thought was his, according DNA tests.

Schoolboy Alfie believed he had become Britain’s youngest dad after 15-year-old girlfriend Chantelle Stedman gave birth to daughter Maisie in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

It can now be reported that the 15-year-old boy who lives on the same estate as Chantelle in Eastbourne, Tyler Barker, is in fact the father of baby Maisie, who was born on February 9.

This boy is read dad. Photo: The Sun

This boy is the read dad. Photo: The Sun

The result can be revealed after East Sussex County Council failed in an attempt to ban details of the case. A judgment, made last month by Mrs Justice Eleanor King, said Chantelle had been called a “slut” by four people she did not know, ITN says.

Chantelle told the court she “was crying a lot every day” and feared that the name-calling would never stop.

The judgement revealed Alfie was “extremely distressed” when he was told he was not the baby’s father in March, ITN says. At the time the story was published Alfie said he “thought it would be good to have a baby”.

Earlier this year, Alfie’s dad Dennis told how the teenage boy wanted to be a devoted father and that he had been heading to the hospital every day to see Maisie.

The story has since renewed calls for better sex education in England, which has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in western Europe.

Source: The Sun and Yahoo News


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