Important national event takes place


Veterans are matching on roads in Brisbane. Photo: Minh Nguyen

Like in many other cities in Australia, various meaningful activities were launched during the Anzac Day Ceremony on April 25 in Brisbane city, Queensland.

In the early morning of the day, a large number of people from the city’s street and different places in Queensland gathered in the city.

Thousands of veterans and local people joined a large memorial march on main streets such as Adelaide street, Queen street and Geoger street.

Young soldiers and old veterans with medals on their clothes walked along the streets with thunderous applause from audiences. Many people from local agencies and organisations in the city also took part in the event.

Numerous people including children bringing flowers and flags gave their gratitude and cheer for the passing parade.

‘I feel very happy and touched when joining the march,’ said Ann Maher, a female veteran. The old woman, who came from England, used to take part in the Second World War.

After the march, many people visited and wore wreaths with ‘Lest we forget’ bands at the Shire of Remembrance in the Anzac square.

Most of them stayed there for a long time. Some cried. Some told their children about the Anzac Day’s history. And some were just silent.

“It is a great time to remind young people of the sacrifice of people in wars,” said Melan, a old resident in the city. The man has a older brother who were a soldiers and died in the Second World War.

Anzac Day is exactly a really great time for people to pay their respects to service personnel as well. Many young soldiers in Brisbane were looking forward to the event. They felt very proud of what the army and armed services did in the past.

“Come on boys, do as I and others did before,” an old man said to young soldiers marching on roads.

After the event, these young soldiers will definitely do it.

By Minh Nguyen



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