(TBM-2)Study in library or at home? (100 word story)


Students are looking for books at Gold Coast Library. Photo: Minh Nguyen

Many students on the Gold Coast campus find that studying in the library is much better than in their home.

“I always study nothing when I stay in my room,” says Quynh, a master student.

At home, he usually chats online with his friends, watching TV and sleeping and avoids study.

However, in the library, seeing other students working hard makes him feel like studying.

“I study very well in the library where I have friends and various study materials,” said William. For the guy, home is just for sleeping and the library is exactly for study.

Quynh, William and many other students go to the library everyday except for day-offs and holidays.

Where do you want to study? Choose from the poll below!

By Minh Nguyen


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